For over 90 years, Morton McGoldrick has helped families with their formal or informal probate matters. We pride ourselves on providing efficient, customized services to help families through the probate process and its complexities. As their probate attorney, Tacoma clients trust our firm to help them execute the wishes of their deceased loved ones. We work to make this process as seamless as possible and can help address any problems that may arise. The following are some examples of the probate/estate administration services we provide:

  • Preparation and Filing of Court Documents
  • Preparation of Inventory of Assets
  • Settlement of Claims
  • Preparation of Final Income Tax Returns

  • Participation in Tax Audits
  • Preparation of Estate Tax Returns
  • Distribution of Assets

You Don’t Have to do This Alone. A Probate Attorney Can Help.

If you’ve been named as the personal representative of an estate, a probate attorney can act as your guide. Complex issues of ownership, liquidation, and taxation can arise when settling an estate. Our firm has been facilitating this process for nearly a century.

Not all Wills have to be probated in the Courts. Some smaller estates may not need to incur this expense but there are still things that must be done with an original Will.  If you are assisting with the affairs of a family member or friend who has died in Tacoma or Pierce County, you should consult a Tacoma probate attorney to assist you with the Will.  You are not required to utilize the same attorney that drafted it. A probate attorney with Morton McGoldrick can help you properly file the Will or handle the probate process, if necessary.

Prepare with an Experienced Probate Attorney

Correct preparation during a probate is crucial when making a variety of key determinations. With a probate attorney, Tacoma personal representatives can accurately determine the inventory of the departed’s estate, final income tax returns, and estate tax returns.

Depending on how and when the estate is divided can affect tax filings in a way that negatively impacts the value of the distributed assets. We’ve facilitated the process of settling estates for hundreds of individuals and can help to ensure the probate process is carried out correctly.

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The execution of an estate is a complex process. Get the legal support you need to perform your duties with efficiency and accuracy by hiring a probate attorney in Tacoma from Morton McGoldrick Call (253) 655-2275 or contact us today to get started.