Family Law

The family law lawyers at Morton McGoldrick recognize family relationships can make dealing with the law an emotionally complicated process. The emotional strain is only intensified when children are involved. With the aid of our family law lawyers, Tacoma and Pierce County residents get more than just qualified representation. Our family law lawyers are sympathetic to your situation. They provide invaluable counsel and emotional support whether representing you during arbitration or in and out of court. While a family law lawyer from our firm can represent you during custody and divorce matters, the area of family law is much more comprehensive than the dissolution of marriages. Our firm can help you with these other familial issues as well.

Helping to Grow Your Family.

A family law lawyer from Morton McGoldrick can help deal with the legal facets of growing your family. Whether you are beginning a new marriage, adopting a child, or combining two families into one, our experience and training allows us to take care of assist you in handling the legal technicalities, allowing you to focus on your family.


Our team of lawyers at Morton McGoldrick will help you throughout the adoption process in order to clear away legal obstacles. We can prepare all necessary legal paperwork and provide you with added support so that this part of the process is straightforward and less overwhelming.

Marital Property Agreements

Financial disagreements are the largest contributing factor of a failed marriage. It is often useful to have a written agreement that makes your interpretation of property division clear at the time of the marriage and if it comes to an end. Whether it is a pre-nuptial agreement or marital property agreement, it is essential to recognize these agreements protect more than just your current assets. A family law lawyer with Morton McGoldrick can help you create a contract that meets your expectations for the ownership of property during marriage and after a divorce and  will also be enforceable in a court of law.

Third Party Custody Issues

Sometimes relatives like uncles, grandparents, aunts, or other parties want to take custody of children when parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. Our family law lawyers have experience representing family members seeking to acquire custody during these situations. These cases can be heavily contested, especially if there are disagreements about what is best for the children, so having an experienced family law lawyer on your side can be critical to the outcome of the case.

Committed Intimate Relationship

Even if there hasn’t been a marriage, breakups of a long term relationship can be emotionally exhausting and complex. These relationships are frequently referred to as “common law marriages,” even though Washington does not have a common law marriage statute. Individuals in these committed intimate relationships do still have the legal right to seek a court ordered distribution of property. Issues often mirror those that arise upon the dissolution of marriage. A family law lawyer from Morton McGoldrick can help you navigate this process and work towards a desirable result.

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