Family Law

The family law attorneys at Morton McGoldrick understand that that dealing with the law is stressful, especially when it involves the personal relationships of a family. With the aid of our family law attorneys, Tacoma and Pierce County residents get more than representation from our firm. When children are involved it can cause emotions to run high. Our family law attorneys are empathetic to your situation. They provide emotional support in addition to valuable counsel and representation during negotiations as well as in a court of law. While a family law attorney from our firm can handle divorce and custody matters, the area of family law extends far beyond dissolving marriages.  Our team can help you with other family issues as well.

Helping to Grow Your Family.

A family law attorney from Morton McGoldrick can help you manage the legal aspects of building your new family.  Whether you are adopting a child, entering a new marriage, or joining two families together, our experience and training allow us to take care of the extra stresses, and allow you to focus on your new family.


Our team of attorneys at Morton McGoldrick will guide you through the adoption proceedings to clear the legal obstacles that you are facing. We can help prepare the legal paperwork and give you support so that the legal paperwork is not so overwhelming in this process.

Marital Property Agreements

Financial disagreements are the most significant contributing factor to a failed marriage. It is often helpful to create a document that makes clear your understanding of how property will be divided in the marriage, and particularly if the marriage comes to an end.  Whether it is a pre-nuptial agreement before you get married or a marital property agreement after you are married, it is important to realize that the protections afforded by these agreements do more than just address your current finances.  A family law attorney with Morton McGoldrick can help you draft a contract that works for you and your partner, and will be enforceable by the courts.

Third Party Custody Issues

Sometimes grandparents, uncles, aunts or other relatives seek custody of children because their parents are unable or unwilling to care for them.  Our family law attorneys have experience helping family members obtain custody in such situations.  The cases are often fiercely contested and therefore, having an experienced family law attorney on your side, can make the difference in being successful.

Committed Intimate Relationships

Even if there has not been a marriage, breaking up can be a complicated and emotional process. Some people refer to these relationships as “common law marriages”.  While there is no common law marriage in Washington, individuals in committed intimate relationships do have rights to seek a court ordered division of their property.  The issues are often the same as if there had been a marriage.  A family law attorney from Morton McGoldrick can help you navigate this process and achieve a favorable result.

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