Family Law

The family law attorneys at Morton McGoldrick recognize that dealing with the law is difficult, especially when it involves familial relations. With the help of our family law attorneys, Puyallup and Pierce County residents get more than just experienced representation. When children are involved it can add an extra emotional energy to the proceedings. Our family law attorneys are sympathetic to your situation. They provide valuable counsel, representation during negotiations in and out of court, as well as emotional support. While a family law attorney from our firm can handle custody and divorce matters, the area of family law is much more extensive than the dissolution of marriages. Our team can help you with additional familial issues.

Helping to Grow Your Family.

A family law attorney from Morton McGoldrick can help manage the legal facets of enlarging your family. Whether you are entering a new marriage, adopting a child, or joining together two families, our training and experience allows us to take care of the added stresses, and allow you to focus on your family.


Our team of attorneys at Morton McGoldrick will help you during the adoption process in order to remove legal obstacles. We can help assemble legal paperwork and provide you with additional support so that this part of the process is easier and less overwhelming.

Marital Property Agreements

Financial disagreements are the greatest contributing cause of a failed marriage. It is often beneficial to create documentation that makes your understanding of property division clear during the marriage and if it comes to an end. Whether it is a marital property agreement or pre-nuptial agreement, it is important to understand these agreements protect more than just your current assets. A family law attorney with Morton McGoldrick can help you draft a contract that meets the needs of you and your partner that will also be enforceable in a court of law.

Third Party Custody Issues

Sometimes relatives like grandparents, aunts, uncles, or other parties seek custody of children when parents are unwilling or unable to take care of them. Our family law attorneys have experience representing family members trying to obtain custody in these situations. These cases are frequently heavily contested and therefore, having an experienced family law attorney on your side, can determine the outcome of the case.

Committed Intimate Relationship

Even if there hasn’t been a marriage, breakups can be emotionally taxing and complicated. These relationships are sometimes referred to as “common law marriages,” even though Washington does not have a common law marriage statute. Individuals in these committed intimate relationships do still have the right to pursue a court ordered distribution of property. Issues are often identical to those that occur after a marriage is dissolved. A family law attorney from Morton McGoldrick can help you maneuver this process and work towards a favorable result.

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