Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Puyallup

Whether your estate is large or modest, an estate planning attorney at Morton McGoldrick can work with you to create a personalized estate plan in accordance with your wishes and needs that protects your wealth and minimizes taxes.

Personalized Estate Planning by a Gig Harbor Estate Planning Attorney

Morton McGoldrick’s estate planning attorneys work with their Puyallup clients to create the very best plans for the protection and distribution of their estates after death and for the continuation of family businesses. This planning involves the law of property, wills, probate, trusts, marriage and state and federal taxation. We prepare documents that preserve as much flexibility while also providing an opportunity for later tax planning. Flexibility is crucial given the frequent and often complicated changes made to our tax laws.

When you need a Puyallup estate planning attorney, the team at Morton McGoldrick has the expertise and experience to address your needs. In addition to Will preparation, we create revocable living trusts, charitable remainder trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, and personal residence trusts to implement lifetime estate planning goals and reduce or entirely eliminate state and federal estate taxes. The following are some examples of the estate planning documentation we prepare.

  • Wills (Simple to Complex)
  • Powers of Attorney for Finances and Health Care
  • Health Care Directives (Living Wills)
  • Community Property Agreements
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Limited Liability Companies

Will Creation

Creating a Will can be complex, but we have helped many of our Puyallup clients streamline the process. An estate planning attorney at Morton McGoldrick can personalize your Will for you needs and make sure that it is properly executed and witnessed. A Will governs how your property should be distributed when you die and designates who will be in charge of that distribution (in Washington, that person is called your personal representative). If you have minor children, you Will allows you to name the person or persons that you want to take care of your children (and any property you leave your children) if you die when they are still minors.

Having a well-written, Will properly executed in accordance with Washington law will insures that your wishes are carried out and may also avert a contest between your heirs. Such contests are not infrequent, especially if the Will is not correctly signed and witnessed. An estate planning attorney at Morton McGoldrick can help you determine how to draft your Will so that you can best direct property distribution in light of the size of your estate and the age and well-being of your spouse, children, grandchildren or other heirs. The distribution may involve including trusts in your Will, determining the timing of distributions to your heirs, and taking steps to avoid or minimize estate taxes. The team at Morton McGoldrick is well qualified to assist you in all aspects of your estate planning.

Power of Attorney and Living Will Creation

What would transpire if you were no longer able to make decisions about and manage your health care and finances? An estate planning attorney at Morton McGoldrick can help you plan for this circumstance by helping you set up personalized powers of attorney and a living will (also known as a health care directive). A power of attorney gives you the power to authorize another person to act on your behalf regarding important health care and financial decisions when you are unable to. A living will allows you to definitively state your intentions regarding the kind of life-sustaining treatments you do or do not want to receive at the end of your life if you are incapable of communicating your wishes about such treatments at that time.

Additional Estate Planning Services

Attorneys at Morton McGoldrick can also help you plan for family succession that includes business succession planning, asset protection and entity formation, as well as retirement planning. In certain cases it can be constructive to create a private family foundation in order to limit tax liabilities and tax-related burdens on your heirs while staying in compliance with all relevant local, state, and federal laws. Several attorneys at Morton McGoldrick have experience and expertise in litigating disputes that may arise in the context of wills, trusts, and estates. We regularly represent trustees, beneficiaries, and persons with claims against trust and estate assets, with particular attention toward championing the decedent’s intent.

Contact us to Begin Planning your Estate

It’s never too early to begin estate planning. In the circumstance of a premature death, effective estate planning can ensure your loved ones receive the belongings you wish them to have. It also eliminates uncertainties as to your final wishes. These actions allow family and friends to fully commit to the process of healing and grief. With the help of a Puyallup estate planning attorney at Morton McGoldrick, you can create legally binding estate planning documents that clearly spell out your desires.
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