Environmental Law

Our environmental law attorneys bring with them decades of experience representing clients in connection with a wide variety of environmental matters to include compliance, enforcement defense, property damage and clean-up work with governmental agencies as well as handling complicated litigation at all levels of state and federal courts. When they require an environmental law attorney, Tacoma clients choose Morton McGoldrick for a legacy of service that began more than 90 years ago.

An Environmental Law Attorney that Works for You

Businesses in all sectors benefit from the services of an environmental law attorney. Armed with the necessary knowledge to respond and mount a defense in the event of environmental litigation, our firm remains on the forefront of environmental law. The following are examples of some of the environmental law services we provide:

  • Due Diligence Review
  • Responding to Governmental Agencies

  • CERCLA and MTCA Cost Recovery Actions
  • Remediation of Contaminated Properties

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental site assessments require more than clients and lenders frequently realize. An incomplete or inadequate Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment may fail to reveal problems and concerns that are important to your business. If the site assessments are not performed by the right qualified environmental professionals, important factors may not be considered. This can result in exposure to major liability in the future.

Our environmental law attorneys take the necessary steps to provide a review that directly relates to your transaction and business. Assessing specific business environmental risk allows us to perform a targeted due diligence review that effectively mitigates the risk of future liability. When you need an environmental law attorney in Tacoma, you can be sure that Morton McGoldrick’s team will provide thorough and professional legal work in this complex subject matter.

Get Experienced Representation from an Environmental Law Attorney

Governmental agencies don’t just require companies to meet certain standards. They may attempt to enact laws, rules, and regulations that negatively impact your ability to conduct business. You have the right to appeal these decisions, and a Tacoma environmental law attorney from Morton McGoldrick can represent you during cases of environmental litigation. Our attorneys have experience working with local land use and planning officials in Tacoma and Pierce County and have appeared before hearings examiners and governmental bodies charged with enforcing and legislating environmental rules and regulations.  Experience counts and you can count on the environmental law attorneys at Morton McGoldrick for effective solutions and assistance in this highly regulated area of practice.

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