Divorce is not a straightforward matter. The end of a marriage can raise issues concerning business valuation, property division, partnership dissolutions, buyouts, true income of the parties, appraisals, and rights to, and ownership of, businesses and property, parenting time, custody, child support, tax issues, and even alimony (spousal support). A divorce attorney from Morton McGoldrick can help you handle these issues.

Divorce Attorney Services in Gig Harbor and Pierce County

The attorneys at Morton McGoldrick understand that parties often disagree when a marriage ends. Disputes may occur regarding debt and property division, visitation and custody time, child support, alimony, and support for college aged children, as well as other contentious matters. A divorce attorney from our office will work to make these strenuous situations easier for you with the aid of our team of sensitive staff and experienced attorneys. We are available to provide guidance, advice, and reassurance when the process may feel overwhelming.

Divorce and Separation:

Our objective is to achieve the best possible resolution of our clients’ legal issues, whether through trial or a negotiation and settlement. With our years of experience representing clients in all manners of divorce cases, we are able to professionally and effectively respond to all of our client’s needs. If you are in Gig Harbor or elsewhere in Pierce or Kitsap Counties, a Morton McGoldrick divorce attorney will help you with:

  • Dividing Your Property and Debts
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support

Distributing Assets and Liabilities in a Divorce

A divorce attorney at Morton McGoldrick will help you obtain the “just and equitable” division of debts and property mandated by our law. Our attorneys have the experience to differentiate between community property and separate property, which is crucial when protecting your interests.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal support, or alimony, is often an important issue in a divorce. It is called Spousal Maintenance in Washington and is designed to act as a helping hand for someone to recover after a marriage ends. Our attorneys will work vigorously to protect your interests in spousal maintenance.

Family Law

When children are involved in a divorce it creates added concerns that must be addressed. Our team of attorneys can give you direct counsel on every aspect of your case including when visitation will occur, how much child support will be required, and where they will live. We can help you achieve a favorable result for you and your children. Read more about family law >

Military Divorce

Divorce for members in the Armed Forces is very much like a civilian divorce. However, many complexities and nuances can be involved with the divorce of a Service Member. Morton McGoldrick’s family law attorneys have experience working through these issues, such as tax free income, relocation by one parent, exposure related to deployment, military retirement, visitation, and former spouse benefits. Read more about Military divorce >

Committed Intimate Relationship Dissolutions

Even if a marriage has not occurred, breaking up can be an emotional and complicated process. Sometimes these relationships may be referred to as “common law marriages,” though there is no common law marriage in Washington. Individuals do still have the right to seek a court ordered division of property during the dissolution of a committed intimate relationship. Issues are often similar to those occurring in a marriage. A divorce attorney from Morton McGoldrick can help you through this process in order to acquire a favorable result.

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Our goal is to help our clients achieve the best probable conclusion of their legal problems, whether through settlement, negotiation, or trial. With our years of experience representing clients in a range of divorce cases, we are able to effectively and professionally respond to all of our clients’ needs. For a divorce attorney, Gig Harbor and Pierce County residents choose us for our experience, empathy, dedication, and comprehensive service. Call (253) 655-2275 or contact us now for a consultation.