Child Custody Lawyers

Morton McGoldrick’s lawyers understand the impact a child custody determination can have on your life and that of your child. Parental separation is emotionally taxing on everyone involved, and it is essential to have a skilled representative who can help you secure an agreeable parenting plan. A child custody lawyer from our office can help parents in Gig Harbor and the other areas of Pierce County work towards a constructive outcome no matter where they are in the legal process.

We Work for Your Best Interests

Child custody cases don’t always have to be combative.  When both parties can bridge their differences for the sake of their children and one another, an experienced child custody lawyer can craft an agreement that meets both party’s needs. Many standard custody provisions may be determined outside of court. Even if the parents can come to an agreement, it is still important to institute a Residential Schedule or Parenting Plan to clearly protect your interests. When the parents agree with one another, these will only require the signature of a judge.

With the aid of a child custody lawyer, Gig Harbor parents can evaluate all of their options. Parenting plans cover much more than how and where a child spends their daily time. They determine whom the child lives with, how disagreements are resolved as well as who makes decisions for the child, and how they are determined. A judge may not approve of a plan if he or she determines the agreement is inadequate.

Child Custody Lawyer Representation in Court

When the parents cannot come to an agreement, a case will go to court. This puts the final determination in the hands of a judge who will determine a parenting plan in the best interest of the child. In Washington State that is the biggest determining factor a judge will take into account during a child custody case.

This may result in the creation of a plan that does not benefit either parent, or completely excludes one parent. Without the services of a qualified child custody lawyer, Gig Harbor parents may find that they are bound by a one-sided plan that doesn’t favor them and that cannot be revised without proof of a substantial change in circumstances. Consequently, it is very important to make sure that the initial parenting plan approved by the Court is what you want it to be.

A Child Custody Lawyer in Your Corner Can Make all the Difference

Our team of child custody lawyers will work to make sure your rights are represented. We will advocate and defend on your behalf. Judges regularly consider certain factors when making this decision. Some of these consist of a parents’ ability to:

  • Foster a stable and caring relationship with the child
  • Exercise solid judgment
  • Financially support and provide basic needs like food, clothing, and health care.
  • Involve themselves with the child’s education.

There can be long-lasting repercussions for violating an established parenting plan. Re-evaluations are unlikely unless a major change has occurred, and the failure to meet expectations as agreed upon in the parenting plan may result in attorney fees, fines, and possibly imprisonment. Making sure you can carry out the plan is a necessary consideration.

Grandparents and Others Who Seek Child Custody

Sometimes uncles, aunts, grandparents, and/or additional relatives may seek to acquire custody of children when parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. Our family law lawyers are experienced helping family members in these situations to obtain custody where appropriate. These cases are frequently contested and therefore, having an experienced child custody lawyer on your side, can ensure that the outcome of the case is favorable.

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Our firm has 90 years of experience helping clients create parenting plans,  protect custody and visitation rights and obtain the Court orders needed to ensure a positive and predictable future for both the parents or guardians and children involved. Get the advice, knowledge, and experience you want a child custody lawyer to possess both inside and outside the court room with Morton McGoldrick Call (253) 655-2275 or contact us today.