Child Custody

When parents separate it can be stressful on them as well as the children involved. Morton McGoldrick’s attorneys know how much of an impact a child custody determination can have. A skilled representative can help you create a parenting plan that works. A child custody attorney from our office can help parents in Puyallup and Pierce County work towards a beneficial outcome no matter where in the legal process they are.

We Work for Your Best Interests

Child custody cases may not always need to be decided by the courts. Many custody provisions can be determined outside of court if the parents are willing. Establishing a Parenting Plan or Residential Schedule to protect your interests is still sensible. Parenting plans may still be determined without the aid of the court system if a settlement occurs out of court. These only require the signature of a judge. An experienced child custody attorney can help establish agreements that meet the needs of the parent and child when differences can be set aside.

With the guidance of a child custody attorney, Puyallup parents have the opportunity examine all their options. Parenting plans are comprehensive. They do not just cover the spending of a child’s time. Plans determine where and who a child will reside with, who makes decisions on a child’s behalf and when, as well as how disagreements are settled in the future. If a plan is determined to be inadequate by a judge, they may not sign off on it.

Child Custody Attorney Representation in Court

A case will go before the courts if the parents cannot reach an agreement. This allows a judge to make the final determination in the case. According to Washington State Law their primary consideration is the best interest of the child. This will guide their creation of a parenting plan.

This may result in a plan that is not beneficial for both parents or excludes one in their entirety. Without the service of a qualified child custody attorney, Puyallup parents may find their case is decided by a partisan judgement that does not favor them.

A Child Custody Lawyer in Your Corner Can Make all the Difference

Our team of child custody attorneys will work to represent your interests. We will advocate and defend on your behalf. Judges consistently base their decision on common considerations. Some of these include a parent’s ability to:

  • Foster a relationship with the child that is caring and stable.
  • Exercise responsible judgement.
  • Supply clothing, food, healthcare and other basic needs.
  • Financially support the child.
  • Take an active role in the child’s education.

There can be lasting consequences for violating a parenting plan. Re-evaluations do not often occur without one party going through a major change in circumstances. Failure to follow the plan as it was agreed upon may result in attorney fees, fines, and sometimes imprisonment. It is important to make sure you are capable of carrying out a parenting plan as it is laid out.

Grandparents and Others Who Seek Child Custody

Sometimes uncles, aunts, grandparents, and or other relatives may pursue custody of children when parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. Our family law attorneys are experienced helping family members obtain custody in these cases. These cases are frequently contested and therefore, having an experienced child custody attorney on your side, can mean the difference between a positive and negative outcome.

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